Our Mission

house·hold (ˈhousˌ(h)ōld/) noun
A covenant community that functions as a spiritual family around a particular physical location.

The Bible describes homes as the most common gathering place of the early Church. 1000 Houses (1KH) is a ministry designed around this Biblical principle. Our mission is to facilitate city-wide movements resulting in 1000 disciple-making households throughout Cincinnati and beyond.

We believe homes with faith-based rhythms, steeped in love, function as the ideal hub for discipleship. Transformed homes lead to a transformed city. When homes provide the environment for disciple-making, all other ministries can be organized to reach and transform the entire city.


Our Resources

We develop and release modular training courses that spread through target cities to equip households to grow in their faith.

Current Goals


disciple-making households in Cincinnati by 2023


household in each of Cincinnati's 52 neighborhoods and 48 surrounding towns


cities with 2 or more disciple-making households starting movements by 2027