No one should try to start a house church without an experienced coach.

Our process will give you the coaching and content you need to transform your home into a hub for community.


Is this you?


"I know something isn't working with the American Church, but what do I do about it?


If you're having a hard time reconciling what you read in the New Testament with what you are experiencing in a typical western church service, it can be really challenging to know what to do with questions like: 

  • How do I articulate what the actual problem is that I'm sensing with church?
  • If I try to start a house church, will I burn my family out?
  • How do I find partners to join me?
  • How do I make sure everything doesn't fall on me?
  • What do we do about kids?
  • Does the Bible actually provide a blueprint for how to live out NT community?
  • How do I do this TODAY in America?

Since you found your way to this page, our guess is that you're ready to get to the bottom of these questions and feelings.

The #1 mistake beginners make is putting rhythms before relationships.

 It’s easy to gather a few people in a home but this too often replicates the model and the weaknesses of traditional church structures in a smaller form.

The superpower of house church is the ability to found everything on relationship.

But this requires a process you’ve likely never seen or even thought of before.

After almost 20 years of experience launching and coaching families who are seeking to find a way to do church in the home we’ve learned this journey is not easy. 

Don’t try this on your own!


"A House For Community" coaching intensive will:

  • Outline the top mistakes beginners make. 
  • Provide a step by step blueprint for establishing community in today’s culture
  • Introduce you to a cohort of others across the country facing the same challenges
  • And most important: give you practical custom coaching every step along the way

How To Get Started

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