If someone asked you to disciple them, would you know what to do?

Discover a blueprint that will allow you to multiply disciples through intentional seasons of discipleship.


There is a broad consensus among church leaders when it comes to identifying the mission of the Church-- make disciples.


Yet, if you ask the typical christian today just two incredibly simple questions, you'll most likely discover a very strange disconnect.

  1. Who discipled you?
  2. Who are you discipling?

Many professing christians cannot answer either question. If the mission is so clear, how can this be?


Something has gone horribly wrong.

 So why aren't we doing the work of disciple-making?

Why do churches fail to make disciples? What is it about modern culture that makes discipleship so challenging? Why do committed christians who want to obey Jesus not make disciples?


According to Barna Research Group, less than 1% of christian leaders believe that "today's church is doing well at discipling." 

We believe there are 3 major obstacles that really make it hard for well intentioned, western believers to actually see disciples made:

1) The Institutional Survival Problem (i.e. other efforts take priority over disciple-making in order to keep the institution alive).

2) The Lost Art of Taking On an Apprentice (i.e. our modern education methods don't allow for discipling relationships as Jesus modeled in the NT).

3) The How Problem (Those who genuinely want to make disciples simply don't know where to even begin discipling someone).


If the main obstacle you're facing is the "how" problem, we want to help.

If everything in you wants to obey Jesus and his command to make disciples, but you have no idea where to begin, then we want to invite you into a season of coaching in how to take on apprentices through our coaching intensive, Life of Life Discipleship.



The "Life on Life" coaching intensive will:

  • Help you partner with Holy Spirit in identifying who he wants you to take on as apprentices. 
  • Provide a step by step blueprint for what to do (and how often, for how long, etc.) with those you are discipling.
  • Introduce you to a cohort of others across the country facing the same challenges.
  • And most important: give you practical, custom coaching every step of the way.

How To Get Started

  1. Apply to discover if this is the right fit for you in this season.
  2. Schedule A Call- Schedule a time to get your questions answered, talk through your application, and receive next steps.
  3. Get access to the online content, pick your first coaching call time, and begin receiving coaching!