5 Reasons to Make Disciples

It's easy to get excited about the how of disciple-making. 

However, anytime we embark on a long term, challenging effort such as multiplying disciples, we must refine and clarify our "why" to get us through the tough times along the way.

Not only does this clarification create motivation, but it also properly orders our intentions, which impacts how we go about our disciple-making efforts.

Here are our reasons for why we make disciples (it would be a good exercise to work out your own,  ordered from least to most important).

5) Disciple-making is the best strategy. 

Multiplication strategies are simply superior to addition strategies. Yet 99% of our ministry efforts are focused on strategies that we know will not multiply.

The Genesis 1:26 mandate was a multiplication mandate and the Matthew 28 commission is simply a reformulation of Genesis 1.

If a disciple-maker only discipled 2 people per year, but those 2 each then discipled 2 others-- in 32 years, if that same reproduction pattern continued, over 5 billion would be discipled!


Bottom Line: Multiplication > Addition

4) Discipleship is an essential part of our salvation.

Paul breaks down salvation into categories like justification, sanctification and glorification.

We tend to think of salvation simply as justification (“When were you saved?”).

But what if someone is justified but remains a spiritual "baby" and can never experience any victory over sin?

For us to experience all of what Jesus has saved us from, we need discipleship as part of our sanctification.

This is not a loner effort!

3) Jesus Commanded It!

When we say, “Jesus is Lord” we need to obey.

“Why do you call me Lord, Lord and do not do what I say?” (Luke 6:46)

“If you love me you will obey my commandments.” (John 14 )

Do you believe he is Lord and do you love him?

Let’s obey!

2) Disciple-making expands the Kingdom.

The first request we make in the Lord’s Prayer is, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

Jesus came proclaiming the Kingdom but what does that practically mean?

It means people doing his will on Earth.

If you want to see the will of God done... make disciples!

1) Jesus is worthy of the obedience of the nations.

In Genesis 49 we get the Messianic prophesy that the scepter will stay in Judah’s line until the one comes to whom it belongs and to him belongs the obedience of the nations.

We need to be "King’s Men".

We need to be jealous for His rule and reign.

We need to be disturbed by the rebellion against the rightful King who died for mankind.

What is your "why" for making disciples?

What will motivate you to continue when the going gets tough? We'd love to help you discover what a lifestyle of disciple-making can look like. Learn more here.