Launch a city-wide disciple making movement from your home.

Why the City?

When the word "church" is used in the New Testament it refers to one of these three expressions:

1. The Church in the Home (Example: Romans 16:5)

2. The City Church (Example: Revelation 2:1)

3. The Universal Church (Example: Ephesians 5:27) 

Households that begin to initiate church rhythms still need the support and diverse giftings of other believers in their city. 

That's why 1000 Houses is working to identify cities where disciple-making movements can begin.

What does a city church look like?

The city church is restored in stages.

Stage 1:

It starts with families who make disciples in and through their home.

Stage 2:

As those households multiply they begin to gather on occasion as a larger expression of the church to build each other up through a more diverse set of giftings.

Stage 3:

As the city church matures, overseers and deacons are recognized as more specialized ministries and city-wide equipping is released publicly and from house to house.

Stage 4:

Finally, the Holy Spirit sets apart those with effective Ephesians 4:11 (five fold) equipping ministries to go as teams to build up the church in other cities.

Interested in seeing 1000 disciple-making households emerge in YOUR city?


1KH is currently working only in the city of Cincinnati but we are training households in other cities that are in Stage 1 (see above).

If you live in another city and are interested in learning more about launching a city-wide movement that starts with a household, click here to learn more about joining our training intensive and to apply for coaching.