Are we ALL called to do the work of evangelism?

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Is Evangelism For Everyone?

Jeremy Pryor

 I’ve noticed that when I ask...

 Does discipleship require intentional effort?

The answer is: 100% Yes

 Does community require intentional effort?

The answer is: 100% Yes

Does family require intentional effort?

The answer is: 100% Yes

 Does marriage require intentional effort?

The answer is: 100% Yes

Does evangelism require intentional effort?

The answer is: 50% Yes and 50% No


What is it about evangelism that makes believers hesitate about admitting it requires intentional effort?

Is Scripture unclear about this topic?

Actually, this is one question that Scritpure answers exactly.

“Do the work of an evangelist” (1 Timothy 4:5)

Why does Paul command this so directly? 

Why don’t we have verses that specifically say “do the work of community-building or family-building or discipleship”? 

Those efforts certainly require intentional effort as well but he has to remind Timothy of this one area precisely because evangelism is work and as such we have a tendency to neglect it.

In Paul’s simple command he is confronting the three false beliefs many tend to embrace about evangelism:

  1. Evangelism is for only a special class of Christians. He doesn’t tell Timothy he is an evangelist but that he should live as if he was one. This implies that this isn’t his unique calling. Paul’s response: do the work anyway.
  2. Evangelism shouldn’t take work. Some of us believe that if it feels like work, then that’s evidence we shouldn’t be doing it. But there will always be something uncomfortable about evangelism. That’s why it’s important to see it as work.
  3. I’ll do the work of evangelism later... Timothy had a lot of other things to do as the leader of the church of Ephesus. Telling him to “do the work” implies he needs to start now.

The encouraging thing is that our God is a missionary God who is not asking us to do this alone.

He is at work, drawing the lost and he wants his kids to join him.

But let’s admit that this work is not easy.

Anytime we’re confronted with work like this, that our flesh resists because its hard, it’s important to not try to do this alone.

Like deciding to do the work to get in shape, we need three things to succeed: content, coaching and encouragement.

All three are a part of our Made for Mission coaching intensive.

We want to invite you to join a growing group of us where we help one another “do the work of an evangelist.”


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