Designing a Discipleship Kickoff Getaway

Designing a Discipleship Kickoff Getaway

When I look back at some of the biggest milestones in my spiritual journey, they were punctuated by times where I got out of my normal day to day and had a dedicated time to focus on my spiritual growth.

We know about this in Youth Ministry but we rarely understand how critical this is when we’re discipling others.

We need to use tools that are up for the task of real life transformation and immersive events are a must. 

The truth is, you can get a similar amount of growth in one immersion event as you can in 6 months of meetings. But what’s better is you get even more momentum.

Let's take a look at the why, the what and the how of pulling off an immersion event for your apprentices.


1) Life on Life- There needs to be a way for people to see how you handle yourself throughout an entire day or weekend. 

2) Focus- We are more distracted than ever- this time is dedicated to focussing on growth in The Lord. 

3) Memorable- When we are in a new environment, our ability to remember experiences and lessons is heightened. 

4) Relational- This event provides the time and space to be able to go deep with each other. 

5) Definitive - A strong kickoff defines the beginning of the season of discipleship for all involved.



Use your imagination! Design this to be fun and exciting for you. Here are some basic guidelines to help you start brainstorming: 

  • Make it at least one night
  • In a unique place
  • Where you can all be together

Some examples of Immersion events include:

  • Camping
  • A different city 
  • AirBnB

Consider scheduling two of these per discipleship season-- one to kick things off and one to end. 


So how do we pull this off?

First, determine how much money this is going to cost. (travel, food, lodging). 

Have the apprentices cover their cost plus yours as well. This ensures that EVERYONE has "skin in the game", and that this whole event (planning + prep + discipling) does not fall on you alone.

Once these logistics are in place , it's time to pass on what you have!


Create themes for each part of the trip. Here are some examples:

  • Before leaving - Dedication and Prayer
  • Drive - Two talks (sermons or presentations + discussion)
  • Arrive on location - unpack and relax
  • Activity - do something fun!
  • Dinner - Get to know each other - Each person shares their 3 top milestones of their spiritual journey 
  • Morning - Model how you spend time with the Lord. Have apprentices practice, and then debrief how it went together
  • Do a study - Example: Walking with God
  • Late Morning - Walk and Talk - Ask each other questions
  • Journal Entry - “Just write unedited what you are thinking and feeling. Don’t stop to analyze or judge yourself.”
  • Lunch - read journals and reflect
  • Walk and talk
  • Study 2 - Topic you want to impart
  • Coffee Shop - Work on road maps and action steps
  • Drive Home - Listen to a talk and discuss.  

Iterate and Improve Over Time  

Take the time to get feedback and improve your ability to plan and lead a getaway. Spend some time writing out your 1.0 immersive kickoff event! 

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